Hawkwind Live

The first ever concert I remember going to was a Hawkwind gig at the Liverpool Stadium in 1973. I was a very young 12 years old at the time and a pre-teen boy and alcohol do not mix that well so my memories of the day are somewhat stunted. I remember Dave Brock was wearing his skeleton suit and I so wanted one and Robert Calvert was the coolest man on the planet at the time. My memories of the day have sort of run into the live album “Space Ritual” which was also released that year. Space Ritual was also recorded at the Liverpool Stadium a year earlier during the Doremi Fasol Latido tour.


Final Words On The Kardomah Café

I have posted previously about my teenage year visits to the Kardomah Café in Stanley Street in Liverpool. Many people doubted my memories stating that there was never a Kardomah in Stanley Street. I knew I had to be right because while sitting in the window of the café, I used to see the DJs from Radio City wandering up and down the road from the radio station which, back in those days, was situated in Stanley Street. Also, the Cherry Boys sang about sitting on their favourite stool in the window of the Kardomah Café while they watched the people drifting down Stanley Street. So I knew I couldn’t be wrong.

Friends & Family

Auntie Beryl

At the start of the Second World War, my grandparents ran a fishmonger and greengrocers shop in Birkenhead. My Grandfather was also a fireman which meant he was not constricted into the army because being a fireman was a reserved occupation. Because my grandfather and grandmother were both at home during the war years they didn’t want their daughter, Beryl, evacuated to Wales as part of operation Pied Piper. This was despite Birkenhead being bombed heavily by the Germans because it was home to Camell Lairds and other industry contributing towards the war effort.


The Power Of Words

Have you ever thought about how powerful words are? It’s fantastic the power words can have. Words can make you happy, sad, they can tell a story or portray a message or an emotion that may make you lie awake thinking about those very words. Words can change your life. Words have great Power. Every written word has a meaning, sometimes meant just for one reader and sometimes for more than one. It usually depends on the writer and what he/she is trying to say. So tonight, as I type this crap that just flows from my mind because… well because I have to write something for this blog thing – it has been too long.

Friends & Family

Geoffrey Hughes

The first job I had when I left school was working for the pharmaceutical company ER Squibb & Sons, which is now called Bristol-Myers Squibb. I think the first job for anybody after leaving school is a difficult time in life because you slowly start losing contact with all your old school friends and start making friends in the “adult” world. Probably my first friend as an adult was a guy by the name of Geoffrey Hughes. I say friend but in reality it was probably a bit more like hero worship because Geoff was everything I wanted to be. He was fairly good looking and pretty handy with the girls and liked a drink or two. He was what you would call a typical man’s man of the time whereas I was only 17/18 and still wet behind the ears.