Month: July 2011

Film & Television

I’m Not Rappaport On DVD

One of my favourite Walter Matthau films has just been released on DVD in the UK for the first time ever. I have not seen the film for a couple of years but for me it outshines all the other great Matthau classics. The film centres on the daily get-togethers in Central Park of Matthau and Ossie Davis; playing two aging guys who have seen better days. Both from another age when men were proud and dignified unlike the urban waste they encounter in the park.


The Old Photograph

I was having a little rummage through a box of old photographs the other day when I came across this negative. It shows a man and a woman standing proudly behind a pram containing a young child. The man, upon first inspection, seemed to be holding a dog. Just who these people were I had no idea, but it caught my imagination and I was determined to find out as much as I could.