Month: April 2012


Frank And Alice

For a while I was working in Bidston and I would stop and have my lunch in Flaybrick Memorial Gardens (formerly Flaybrick cemetery). Especially in the summer, I would park along the path, usually in the same spot, where it was quiet and relaxing amongst the remains of the old Victorian cemetery. It was pleasant to sit back after I had eaten and have a little β€œme” time – I have even been known to have forty winks while meditating the day away.

One day I happened to notice the headstone immediately next to me on the path.



fraSome time back in 1974 I first heard a single by the German group Kraftwerk. The tune was very hypnotic and I was amazed at the sound they made. In the middle of the glam-rock period here was a band that was so far wide of being cool that they were actually cool. I heard them and then saw them on television playing all these electronic instruments. They took a look at music and then completely dissected it and uploaded it into the primitive computers of the day. What they produced was the most influential music in popular music history.