Month: May 2012


The Kardomah Café

A while ago I wrote a post about my memories of the Kardomah Café in Liverpool when I was a teenager in the 1970s. That post was lost during The Great Blog Disaster of 2011, but it told the story of how I used to meet friends in the café, have a coffee and then wander around Liverpool doing the things typical teenager do. Probe Records was a popular hangout at the time.

I was sure the café was located in Stanley Street in Liverpool but a few people left comments stating that I was mistaken and that the Kardomah Café was actually in Dale Street. Another added that although there was a Café in Stanley Street it was not one of the Kardomah chain…


My Illustrations

I have decided to share my illustrations with this here world-wide web thingy. I am not an artist by any means, which is why I call these things illustrations and not drawings. They are all computer generated from photographs using Photoshop and some input from me. Humour me; it makes me feel very artistic even if I have less skill than your average six year old with a paintbrush.