Month: September 2013


Speke Airport

From time to time, whenever I have some time between appointments and am in the area, I stop off at Liverpool John Lennon Airport – formerly Speke Airport. I love to park up near to the end of the runway just to watch the planes take-off and land. I have always had a fascination for aircraft even if I have never come to terms with how the hell such heavy lumps of metal can stay in the air at such relatively slow speeds. I think my fascination started when, as a child back in the 1960s, my grandfather would take me to the old Speke Airport to watch the planes land.


William MacKenzie

One day in the late 1990s, I was sitting in work in Kirkdale, Liverpool when my boss asked if I could run a job down to a printers in Liverpool City Centre. It was a nice, sunny day outside so I jumped at the opportunity of getting out of the stuffy office I was sitting in. I got in my car and set off for the city centre. During the journey I had the radio on and I was listening to Radio City who had an author in the studio by the name of Tom Slemen. Tom had just released a book about ghosts who haunt Liverpool and he was regaling the tale of William MacKenzie.