About Me

According to my parents, I was born in Birkenhead, Merseyside at a very early age, sometime in 1960. I have no recollection of these events, so I have always had to take their word for it. From what I remember, my father was in the Merchant Navy and was away from home for long periods of time. My mother was left with the task of looking after myself, my two younger sisters, a cat and a budgie.

Originally we lived in a flat above a shop before moving into a house of our own and then into another house. We were not a very adventurous family as all three abodes were within a hundred yards of each other. I went to school where, if memory serves me correctly, I was a little bit of a tearaway. I seem to remember being responsible for starting a fire and arranging days off school for myself and friends. Much to the annoyance of my teacher and the head master. From what I remember, I had a pretty good childhood on the whole and was sheltered from the nastier things in the world by two Grandparents who doted on me. According to my mother, I rebelled at the age of sixteen and became a long haired lay-about.

Not long afterwards I met a girl who would become my wife for thirty years before I rebelled again regaining my freedom – she called it a mid-life crisis. I have never had any idea why I am here or what I want from life and find myself now, at the age of 52, still thinking the same thing. I have a natural-born son somewhere who I never see and a daughter I adopted somewhere along the way who I get on well with – mostly because she is as childish as me. I have always got on with the female of the species much better than the male and have many female friends all of whom are a lot younger than I, which just goes to prove how correct my ex-wife was when she used to call me childish.

I love music, films and food – Italian is my favourite – and I collect teddy bears.