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Final Words On The Kardomah Café

I have posted previously about my teenage year visits to the Kardomah Café in Stanley Street in Liverpool. Many people doubted my memories stating that there was never a Kardomah in Stanley Street. I knew I had to be right because while sitting in the window of the café, I used to see the DJs from Radio City wandering up and down the road from the radio station which, back in those days, was situated in Stanley Street. Also, the Cherry Boys sang about sitting on their favourite stool in the window of the Kardomah Café while they watched the people drifting down Stanley Street. So I knew I couldn’t be wrong.


Kardomah Revisited

I have mentioned a couple of times previously about my memories of the Kardomah Café which used to be in Stanley Street in Liverpool and then recently I have come across these two photographs. I believe these are of the Kardomah which used to be in Church Street and the pictures themselves are from the 1930s. One day, I shall find a photograph of the one in Stanley Street from the 1970s and all my searches will be complete…


The Kardomah Café

A while ago I wrote a post about my memories of the Kardomah Café in Liverpool when I was a teenager in the 1970s. That post was lost during The Great Blog Disaster of 2011, but it told the story of how I used to meet friends in the café, have a coffee and then wander around Liverpool doing the things typical teenager do. Probe Records was a popular hangout at the time.

I was sure the café was located in Stanley Street in Liverpool but a few people left comments stating that I was mistaken and that the Kardomah Café was actually in Dale Street. Another added that although there was a Café in Stanley Street it was not one of the Kardomah chain…